The Ultimate Descent

"From where the water begins, at the supreme source, to where it divides into ego's and has separate names, to where the water unites with all rivers to become one with the ocean" SanoBabu Sunuwar


From Highest Place on Earth to the Sea

We R 2012 National Geographic Adventures of the Year (click here for link)

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On June 27 2011 We completed the Ultimate Descent a 3 month expedition from highest place on earth to the sea. With a successful summit of Mt Everest on May 21, 2011 we set a Free Flight World Altitude Record as we launched our tandem paraglider off the roof of the world. Gaining some  30m over the summit we looked down upon the summit and her climbers. “God must protect me for sure otherwise i cant not fly from this place” SBS  We spent another 2 weeks hiking and flying till we reached the Koshi River where we were meet by a team from Paddle Nepal and our tandem whtiewater kayak. We spent 27 days kayaking from the class 5 rapids of the Koshi thanks to a great support team from Paddle Nepal for escorting us during this portion of the river. This was Lakpa’s first time in kayak and he still does not know how to swim.  Then it was onto the calm still waters of the ganges where dead bodies line the river with only Krishan Sunuwar as a support boat joining us. We were robbed at knife point, spent many days eating from the trees, and infections grew on our hands and feet. It was incredible when we finally reached the ocean, something none of us had ever seen. We want to thank everyone who helped us, without you we would not have had the equipment to make this dream real, and thank you Ruppy for always being there to rescue us and tracking our expedition and sharing it with the world. Please see our sponsor page to see all the amazing friends who helped us!

WE have been nominated for National Geographic Adventure of the Year Award! If you havent voted please do, see in the news and media for links.



Considering that Nepal is quickly becoming a top destination for adventure sports, we have put together a totally Nepali team who aim to put Nepal on the Adventure Sport Map. There are numerous adventures from all over the world who regularly come here to establish records and make illegal record attempts. There have been and will be more attempts of this kind by other nationals. We want to set a first, since this is our homeland. We want Nepalese to be the first to make this Ultimate Descent, and we hope to inspire more Nepali to be couragious in attempting their own firsts. So we begin our Expedition in honor of Nepal and Nepal Tourism 2011

This will be the first complete descent from the Highest place on Earth to Sea Level. Our entire ascent and descent will be totally non – motorized and will involve many adventure sports like Hiking, Cycling, Climbing, Paragliding, and Kayaking. All in one continuous Expedition From “Highest Place on Earth to the Sea”.

The main team consistes or 2 talented individuals, SanoBabu Sunuwar, and Lakpa Tsheri Sherpa. They will be joined on the Summit Climb by Aug Bhai Sherpa and Nima Ongchhu Sherpa, and for the kayaking portion by Krishna Sunuwar. Apart from which we will have a host of support personnel and cameramen who will accompany the team at different points of the expedition. It is estimated that the full expedition will take 7-9weeks between April –June 2011.

The first phase of the expedition is the successful ascent of Mt. Everest. The core team will be heading towards the Everest region the first week of April. We will be training around 6000 Meters up till the summit push around the 20/21th of May. From the summit, we plan to Paraglide in a South –Easterly direction towards Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve. Passing over or through the Arun Gorges till we reach Chatara in Sunsari and the Koshi River.

From here we begin the kayaking phase of our expedition. Moving into a more sub –tropical climate as we pass through India via the Koshi, Ganges and Hoogley river. Kayaking from Sapta Koshi towards the Bay of Bengal we will be traversing more than 500 km of waterways until we reach sea level.(0 MSL) and the Bay of Bengal. The Kayaking part of the expedition is expected to take up to 21 days.

We want to thank all of sponsors, supportive family and friends, and everyone who has helped us put this Ultimate Descent together.  We are blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives , helping us to make our dreams come true.

Namaste- from The Ultimate Descent Team