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When 2 like minded, talented friends come together anything is possible!

Our vision is not only to be the first, but for us to be the First All NEPALI Expedition of this kind. We wish to support all Nepalese people in setting new records especially here in our home country. We have watched year after year as other nationalists come to Nepal and the Everest Region to set or attempt to set world records, and first ascents. This time we set out with an all Nepali team in hopes of putting the Nepalese people in this record breaking category. We also wish to contribute towards making this years Visit Nepal 2011 a success, we intend to promote adventure activities such as paragliding, river sports, and cycling, through out Nepal.

As a way of giving back, we would also like to setup a scholarship fund and give physical or material support to schools in our more remote regions. It is our understanding that their are many schools here that are in need of educational material and other basic facilities. We intend to facilitate a way to make sure educational materials are made available to the children free of charge and help with the development of drinking water and toilet facilities. Our team feels that helping them physically/ financially just this year will not have the desired impact we are hoping for. We intend to follow up next year to further help develop these schools and perhaps make a small impact on wiping out illiteracy. Please stay turned to for more info as we continue to put this part of the dream into action.


SANO BABU SUNUWAR: Pilot of glider, and kayak lead

Babu is an extremely gifted adventurer, guide, and sportsman.. Babu will be leader for kayaking portion and Pilot of the glider.

Present : Blue Sky Paragliding (Pokhara Nepal): Tandem pilot, expedition leader/organizer

  • Raft Guide, on Zanskar and Indus Rivers w/ Splash Adventure, Leh India.

  •  Kayak Instructor, Raft Guide, Expedition Leader, rivers all over Nepal. Ganesh Kayak Shop, Pokhara Nepal

  •  Trainee Safety Kayaker, Guide Assistant, Exodus Rafting, Pokhara, Nepal

  •  Trekking Porter / Guide Assistant In Everest and Annapurna Regions.Thamsherku Trekking, Pokhara Nepal

  •  Kayaking achievements

  • ·     23 successful first descents in Nepal and India.-

  • ·     including 8 successful solo white water kayaking descents

  • ·     2005 Himalayan White Water Challenge, 2nd place (senior)

  • ·     2005 Nepal Conservation Trust Rodeo, 1st place

  • ·     2005 Nepal Rafting and Canoeing Federation Lake Kayak Race, Pokhara, 1st place.

  • ·     2004 Himalayan White Water Challenge, 2nd place, (junior)

  • ·     Nov 2008 Possibly the first person paragliding sitting in a kayak. (At The Himalayan White Water Challenge)

  • Paragliding Achievements

  • ·     March 2010 Cross Nepal Paragliding Expedition. 831 km First person to cross Nepal by Paragliding. Flying 52        hours. and 21 days,  with tandem passenger as the camera crew  (no sponsors or road support)

  • ·     Feb 2010 Nepal Paragliding Cross Country Competition, 2nd place

  • ·     March 2009 Exploration tandem trip Katmandu – Pokhara. (around 180 km)

  • ·     March 2008 Personal longest Paragliding Exploration trip: Central Nepal to East Nepal (Katmandu – to home village -Ramechhap) 96 km,– 5 h 45 min,

LAKPA TSHERI SHERPA: Climbing lead, tandem glider passenger, tandem kayak

A gifted Climber who has over 15 years experience in alpine climbing.  Lakpa will be the lead for the climbing part of the expedition, and passenger and cameraman during the paragliding, and kayaking portions of the trip.

  • Rainer Mountaineering Manager (Nepal)

  • Three times Everest Summiter

  • Team Leader on Everest/K2

  • Guide for Mountain Maddness

  • Discovery Channel Cameraman for high altitude

  • IndoTibet Border Police Force Cameraman

  • Paragliding Pilot

  • Trainings: Basic, Advanced Hi-Mountain Rescue

  • Basic,Advanced Knowles Medical Training.

  • Has climbed most of the peaks in the Everest Region


     Everest Summit Team 

  • Nima Wang Chu Sherpa (carried glider)

  • AugBhai Sherpa (carried oxygen)

     Kayaking Team

  • Krishna Sunuwar: a gifted kayaker, we hope to be hearing more about this amazing individuals  accomplishments in the near future.

  • Ganesh Kayak Shop (pokhara nepal)

Ground Team, Media, Flim, Contact

  • KIMBERLY PHINNEY: One of the few true believers in the vision, talent, and skill. Professional Paragliding Pilot, avid adventure, world traveler, believer in dreams, alpinist, who learned to become a media expert, film editor, web site developer, and more. 

  •  Sponsored anything the team needed, GPS, Cameras, Solar Chargers, and more

  • Provided ground support and gps guiding down the Ganges 

  • Created this website for you to follow us

  • Provided our first bed, and transport from the Sea back to our homes in Nepal

  • Handled all media, and publications

  • Executive Producer of the Award winning version of the film Hanuman Airlines

Without her support, faith, and belief is us the dream may have never happened, and surly you would not have been able to follow us. Please contact her with any inquires of our expedition.