Our Sponsors, but really just our friends


 We are so grateful to everyone who helped support us in accomplishing this expedition! We only had 2 month from the time we decided we were doing this to the day we left for Mt Everest. Although we had little money it was through the support of our Sponsors and friends that we were able to gather all the right equipment to safely pull this off, Nepali Style that is! We depleted our own personal finances in doing this expedition but there was no way we could have done this without the help from all of you. Big thanks to all the Sherpa’s on the Mountain who gave shelter and food at the high camps,  we were to small a team to carry our own. In the mountains we are all brothers and this expedition was a great reminder. 


We would like to give special thanks to “Ruppy” Kimberly Phinney for all her help in getting our dream and expedition known to the world. Without her none of this would have been possible, she was there every step of the way rescuing us many times when we thought all was lost.


*Peak UK/US Kayaking- Pete Astles: http://www.peakuk.com/

Donated dual kayak and paddels for Babu and Lakpa, arranged transport to get boat out to them at the headwaters of the Sun Koshi River


Mountain Blackstone- Kathmandu Nepal

Sponsored summit suits, sleeping bags and other essential equipment for the climb 


Paddle Nepal: http://www.paddlenepal.com/

Supplied Support team and camping equipment through the class 5 rapids of the koshi, and supplied the team with safety equipment.


Ganesh Kayak Shop: http://www.raftnepal.org/ganesh/

Helped in the donation of supplies, and sponsored Krishna Sunuwar with equipment (Krishna would be the only support to travel the whole length of the river with them)


 *Blue Sky Paragliding:  http://www.paragliding-nepal.com/

Helped arrange for the light weight paragliding equipment, equipment was paid for by Babu and Lakpa and other sponsors.


Doris Antonia Egil:

Donated  essential clothing for Babu


*Kimberly Phinney

Financial Support, GPS tracking, technical equipment for communication, support to the team while they were in the field, Public Relations, Media Rep, and Ex. Producer and financier for the Award winning version of the Film Hanuman Airlines that is out on the Banff World Tour.


Chris Wenk: Paraudara

contributed to the purchase of the paraglider


Swiss Proof: http://swissprof.com/

contributed to the purchase of the paraglider


Appi Fly:  http://www.appifly.org/

Baub's boss, and teacher of flying

Niviuk Paragliders: http://www.niviuk.com/

Babu’s favorite paragliding manufacturer, produced a light weight “Everest Wing” for the expedition. Upon completion they had the chance to meet the boys and have agreed to sponsor Babu and Lakpa and provided both with new wings. We look forward to working more closely with Niviuk in future projects and expeditions.


Sup Air: http://www.supair.com/

Sponsored the team with light weight harnesses, Lakpa’s tandem passenger harness proved solid for both climbing and his seat as passenger during the flight.  


NTB Nepal Tourism Board: http://www.welcome2nepal.com.cn/index-2.htm


Sponsored the climbing permits.

Nirvana Path

Club Sherpa


Weather 4 Expeditions– www.Weather4Expeditions.com  

Provided the team with the best information on the perfect summit date. Babu and Lakpa would like to give big thanks to these guys and have said many times it was with there help that they had the perfect summit day.